Artist Statement

Much like the telephone game, I play with memory, history and language to investigate how beliefs are transmitted and reinforced through cultural traditions and practices. Merging elements of fiction and “truths” or manipulating content and context, I challenge how we process information against popular and long held beliefs. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, my goal is to intentionally challenge authority and authenticity in order to critically examine the sociological frameworks that make up our identity and culture.


Matthew Owen Wead is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice explores social hierarchy through verbal and written language. He received a BFA from Morehouse College (2006) and an MFA from University of Maryland (2009) with a focus on printmaking, sculpture and photography. His work often uses multiple-mediums and is constructed to be a fully immersive experience. This practice of creating functional objects reinforces that they are not to be seen as fictional objects but as real world tools that can be used in society.