Being an artist is not an easy task. After going through the common routes to becoming a “successful” artist, I become frustrated by what art was being heralded as great (this was before IG). I thought it was bullshit and got burned out. After taking some years off from ’10-’15, I couldn’t give art up even if i tried.

Ever since then I haven’t stopped making work. The problem is that “reality” has come into play and I have to take on a job that takes most of the day.

Who are you and what kind of work do you make?
I am a multi-disciplinary artist that challenges interpretation and memory and loves any and all forms of subversion in my work.

What do you think of this grant?
Dope. I always wanted to be sponsored.

What do you think are your chances and why?
Slim. Only because I suck at the written portions of everything. Bios and about me’s are not my specialty, which is why I never get swiped on bumble, hinge or tinder.

I think my work although varied follows the same thread of seeing things from a different perspectives. My style, creativity and process to find a unique voice in this oversaturated world is what makes me stand out

Then why apply?
Even though I hate applying for grants, I need the seed money to accomplish some goals. And I can’t stop making this work. No matter how long it takes, even if for 3 hours a day. I would obviously prefer to work the full week and weekend and that money would help me be able to do that.

I have said for years now that if I only had 20k for a year I would fuck some shit up, so getting double that would really change the game for me